Yes, I Want Soup

It’s no secret that the world of food blogs is a highly incestual place. In the most family-friendly, way of course.

We all like food, many of us enjoy making food, we all read each others blogs, and I’d say a great number of us make each others dishes four ourselves regularly.

I’d say that I fall into all of those categories.  Last week, I 100% fell into the fourth.

I’m not a huge soup lover. I don’t dislike it, per se, but I rarely order it at a restaurant (except if it’s French onion soup – that’s just a special slice of heaven) and I don’t frequently make it for myself unless I’m sick. 

When Katie posted this soup recently, however, I happened to be reading on a very cold Chicago winter day and I decided that I needed. to have. it. Immediately.


I made a few tweaks (just a few). 

I added an enthusiastic squeeze of Sriracha because I am addicted to the stuff and for some reason I just seem to like my soup spicy.

The second time I served the soup for my friend Chrissy, (and hi, Mrs. Kelly- thanks for reading!) I threw in some leftover shredded chicken as well – made it into a heartier dinner.  And we all know I like my hearty dinners (says the girl with an entire section of her recipe page devoted to mac ‘n cheese).


Ohhhh, yeah.

Katie – seriously. Home run on this soup.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Stay warm and eat soup, kids!

12 thoughts on “Yes, I Want Soup

  1. I love soup, but I haven’t been eating it much lately. Which is odd because last week was the coldest we’ve had yet. Yesterday and today have been awkwardly spring-like, but we’ll be back in the winter zone by tomorrow so I may have to look into this!

    • Yeah, the weather in Chicago has been all over the place, too. It’s flippin freezing here today, though…wish I still had some leftovers!

  2. I used to live in Ireland where potato leek soup is ubiquitous but I never make it due to lack of other veggies. This is so simple and I can’t wait to try it! (PS, I love the name of your blog!)

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