My Waiting is About to Pay Off

Hi guys!

Who knows what tonight is?

Ok, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or you’ve come into contact with me in any way over the last week or so, you already know.


I have been waiting for this day for far, far too long.


I ran out early this morning to purchase a copy of US Weekly (yeah, that’s the first time I’ve ever typed that sentence…) so that I’d be all set with my special card for the Watch ‘n Sniff event.

Oh, what’s that? You’re not familiar with Watch ‘n Sniff events?  Let me explain: tonight’s episode will correspond with a special scratch ‘n sniff card that viewers will be prompted to smell at specific times during the show to create an extra sensory experience.

The people that produce this show are geniuses.

I’m a little scared, a lot excited and relatively certain that I’m going to vomit before the night is over.

And since all of these images that I’ve left you with are surely nothing short of appetizing, I’m going to spare you a recipe today.

I will be back with a recipe for an easy, cheesy veggie saute that’s perfect for a quick weeknight summer dinner once our stomachs have settled a bit.

Please, please watch (and sniff) along with me tonight (9/8pm Central on TLC – and no I don’t work for TLC or HBB’s family, though I wish I did.) and let me know what your favorite scent was!


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