Where I Was, What I Did

Another weekend on the books. Thanks to having the week off from school (we’re between quarters now), I actually got out of the apartment and did some stuff!

Granted it’s as humid as an armpit and my hair is revolting harder than a kid with a plate full of brussels sprouts, so “getting out” sometimes means “getting out and immediately back into air conditioning somewhere else”. But still.

Ever since I started grad school, Donnie and I have been taking part in a very informal and yet very regular tradition of Pizza Fridays.

In which we order pizza, or make pizza, and eat all of it. We order so often from the pizza place around the corner that the owner picks up the phone and when he hears me say “Hi, can I place an order for pick up?” he automatically responds with my order. And no, I’m not going to tell you what our order is because I’m not entirely proud of how much we put away.

Anyway, this past Friday was a departure and I made the pizza from scratch, using a variation on this recipe.

photo4For the record, I’ve been using bread flour and adding a splash of olive oil to the dough and it’s vastly superior to the original version. Highly recommend.

On Saturday, the rain held off long enough for us to venture out to our neighborhood’s annual art fair (read: lots of art that I can’t afford and plenty of beer, which I can afford). I did pick up some free full-size sample’s of Clairol’s new Hair Food line at this booth. I also highly recommend them. My hair is very soft today, despite the aforementioned armpit-like weather.


Ok, truth time. I need you guys to be honest with me.

These days, if I find myself with an afternoon free, there’s generally one thing that will always happen: nap time. And I’m not talking a quick 20-minute wink of a nap. I’m talking passed out on the couch, limbs falling asleep, probable drool. It’s serious business.

So, am I….officially an old woman, or….just making up for the lost nap time of my teens-late 20’s? You can tell me the truth, it’s OK. I can take it.

photo3At least I’m not the only one. Gus is only a year old and he doesn’t even have a job.

Before I fell asleep I managed to crank up the crock pot for some pulled pork sammies, using a little spice rub and this BBQ sauce.

pic1I picked it up because it was the most interesting, least artificial brand at The Jewel. I have to say, I’m a fan! I’ll be trying more flavors in the future, for sure.

And that sums it up. Hoping to hear lots of Chelsea Dagger tonight!!