Can we call it a dynasty yet?

If there was ever one thing that I could be accused of hoarding, it would be vacation days (and, OK…girl scout cookies). I tend to save them up like a crazy person so that I’ll be able to go on that long, dream vacation someday. I do, however, tend to take some days during the summer. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: summertime is what keeps Chicagoans put. We’ve got 3 months, give or take, to go to all the street fests, baseball games, and beach parties before it’s right back into those knee-length down coats.

My hoarding tendency is a good thing, though, because I could actually afford to take a last minute day off on Thursday for the BLACKHAWKS RALLY!!

If you live in the area, you know that the city/team decided to move the rally to Solider Field (the home of the Chicago Bears) rather than Grant Park because all of the rain we’ve been inundated with lately has made the park a field of sloppy muck. The implication of making this move, however, is that Soldier Field has limited capacity.

So when tickets were released on Ticketmaster Wednesday afternoon, we were ON IT. My friend Jenny managed to get us some killer seats (mostly luck) and off to the rally we went!

image1Although it would have been pretty cool to be on the field, I was actually really glad that we got assigned seats. With probably about 65,000 people there, it was nice to have a little slab of plastic to call your own.

The day itself was amazing. The sea of black and red was really something to see and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. A good day to be a Chicagoan, for sure.


[that flag up there is the Chicago flag – 4 stars for the city’s most prominent historical events and two blue stripes for the Chicago River and Lake Michigan]

image6The cap’n, hoisting that beautiful cup.

image5It was a good day, indeed.

Now I just need to get the tracking app so that I can see Lord Stanley’s cup up close and personal.

Wow…that sounded way dirtier than I meant it.

Anyway. Go ‘hawks!!

2 thoughts on “Can we call it a dynasty yet?

  1. I really need to come to Chicago in the summer. I was there once in November and I was not prepared for what was to come. Way too many skirts packed, way too many people saw my underwear.

    • Yeah, you really do. Summertime and Christmas are really the only times to visit! Also, skirts are not safe here during any season! Our wind is legit. (sounds like a fart joke. sorry.)

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