First Annual Girls Trip (Denver)

Here’s a fun fact about me.

Until about a year and a half ago, I didn’t understand why anyone would have a fear of flying in an airplane, especially in a commercial jet. This is interesting coming from ME, the girl with the crippling fear of heights, but it’s true. I just didn’t get it.

I flew on airplanes with my family as a kid at least a few times per year, and the worst part of the experience was always the wait in the airport (which was usually anywhere from 2-8 days considering how early my mother insists on arriving at the airport. Love you, Mom!). As a young adult, I flew back and forth between Chicago (home) and Boston (college) many times without much incident.

But then, last year. Oooh, last year. I was flying home from a conference in Florida and our plane was routed over a major storm in Atlanta. We hit turbulence that would have made you think you were on a rollercoaster. And it lasted for 15 minutes straight. Drinks went flying, people clung to their significant others as I imagine Jack would have clung to Rose had they been on an airplane instead of a door floating in the frigid ocean.

You guys, it was the pits. And ever since then, flying isn’t my super awesome favorite thing anymore.

But I’m not willing to abandon it. No sir, I’m powering through.

And that’s just what I did this past weekend to get myself to Denver to hang out with these ones.

image1That’s Jenny, Sara, and Amber (from left to right) and my big honkin’ face taking up most of the frame standing on Larimer Street. They leave those lights up all year and it’s really very pretty.

Only Sara lives in Denver (the rest of us live in Chicago), but we’ve decided that since real-life adulthood takes you across the country and away from your friends, we should fight reality and arrange an annual girls’ trip.

I know, we’re so special. We also decided that we’re the Golden Girls and pretty soon we’ll be shacking up somewhere warm and humid. We even have character assignments. (100 points if you can guess which Girl I am)

Even though this trip was short, we managed to squeeze in some quality meals. Sunday night we dined at ChoLon which was a special request of Jenny’s as she had eaten there before. Apparently they had some onion soup dumpling something-or-other that was worth a repeat trip.

image8Uh, yeah. See that little dumpling in the back there? That’s the French Onion Soup Dumpling. I need to research how to make these. They look humble from the outside, but there’s a bite of soup (gruyère and all) inside and it’s a thing of beauty.

Oh and that’s a pork belly steamed bun up front, in case you were wondering.

And the little bean sprouts and remnants of sauce underneath it? That’s what happens when I decided this was too big to eat in one bite:

image7There was a lot of destruction when I tried to cut one in half. Just don’t do it. Be brave, do it in one bite.

We had a few other shared plates as well – all good, I highly recommend the joint.

After that we walked over to the revamped Union Station for ice cream.

image4Chocolate cheesecake brownie.

Yeah, the “clean eating” thing is going really well, thanks for asking!

Even though the trip was only a few short days, it was so good to kick back and relax with my friends. Sara also rented us a condo (via Airbnb, I believe), which was perfect.

Mostly because we had two bathrooms.

I’m so easy to please.

Til next time, girls!