New Things

Well, it has been a few years since I checked in. Literally.

It’s been so long, in fact, that I wasn’t sure whether this blog was still floating around the internet. Until, of course, I got a payment reminder for my domain – ha!

I’ve been feeling the tug to start writing again lately. The last few years have been exciting, crazy, and, well, BIG. Maybe it’s all the change that’s inspiring me, or maybe it’s the idea of having my own little space again in the midst of lots of flux. But I’m back!

Let’s get caught up.


This was the year that sparked all.of.the change. In August, Donnie and I left for a vacation in San Francisco. While I was completely unsuspecting and simply excited about exploring a new city together, Donnie had other plans and proposed during a hike among the redwoods in Muir Woods.


One of the best memories of my life. In fact, I forgot until a few days ago that I was sick with some kind of stomach bug almost the entire trip – good memories really do eclipse the unpleasant!

We started looking for venues and dates a few weeks later, and settled on a gorgeous location in downtown Nashville (just south of Broadway). We had been visiting Nashville at least once a year since we met and planned to move there eventually, so the location was perfect for us.


This was a big year. BIG. First, our wedding date was set for late September so the planning really kicked into high gear.

Second, I had been casually looking for a job in Nashville for about a year but had put my search on the back burner once wedding planning started. I figured that was maybe too much life change at one time. Plus, I had a job that I liked in Chicago, so no rush.

I was still signed up for LinkedIn alerts and had set my search criteria for jobs located in Nashville, and one day in June I got a notification for a position that felt like a good fit. I asked Donnie if I was a crazy person for thinking about applying, but we both decided that I might as well go for it – if it didn’t feel right and I was offered a job, I could always turn it down (famous last words).

Fast forward to early August, 2 phone interviews, 1 flight to Nashville for a full day of in-person interviews, and a few weeks of waiting and continued wedding planning and…I got the job.

WHAT. I know, it’s insane. So here’s how that timeline panned out:

Early August: Accept job offer
September 24: WEDDING DAY! (in Nashville)
September 26: Head back to Chicago, go back to work
Early October: 2 week honeymoon in Europe
Mid October: Arrive home in Chicago and almost immediately move to Nashville
6 days later: Start new job

LOL, am I right?

But you know what? We are so happy and the madness of packing, traveling, etc was totally worth it. Nashville is awesome. The people and vibe here are just great, my work stress is less as a whole, and the change of pace is exactly what we were hoping for. We’ve had a few hiccups of course (seriously, you should see our kitchen. It’s hilariously TINY), but I’m just really grateful.



Fast forward to this year, feeling more settled and into a routine.

And then we found out some news that promises to rock us right off the ol’ merry-go-round…



We found out in early May, and I’m due in January. That makes me 17 weeks as of today.

Seeing as we’re still new to town I hadn’t yet found a doctor, so after the positive test I did a quick (read: frantic) search for an OB/Gyn who is accepting new patients, and luckily got in with a practice that seems great. I’ve had two prenatal appointments and so far so good. God is great.

I’m hoping to share some updates on pregnancy here as I go, since I’ve read many other bloggers’ pregnancy journals and found them so helpful. I’m also obviously going to be a full-time working mom (out of the home), and I hope to share my experience with that – the good and the challenges.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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  1. Literally, you go girl! So many changes in so little time! I hope you stay in the blogging community more frequently now to share in your journey and you can always go back and look over it to remind yourself of this journey you (and your baby) are taking!

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