A Week of Dinners: August 20

I’m back with another line up of weeknight-friendly dinners! Last week was my birthday week, so we went out to eat that night, which was quite special (more below).

Besides that evening, I tried to keep our meals on the interesting but still super easy side. I also try to vary the cuisine – so if we have “Italian” one night, maybe we’ll have something “Asian” the next. My use of quotes is entirely necessary there as I don’t claim any of my meals to be particularly authentic (ain’t nobody got time for ingredients that you’ll only use once every three months, right?).

In terms of actually planning our meals in advance, I don’t put too much time into it. We do our big grocery store haul on Sunday mornings and I usually write up our meal plan on Mondays – how’s that for planning ahead? Ha! In truth, I like the flexibility of being able to shop for what looks good and planning meals around that. I’m actually doing OK with not wasting food with this approach, so hey – if it works, right?

And now, onto last week’s meals:


Garlic shrimp with veggie rice

Donnie isn’t the biggest fan of shrimp in general, but he told me the first time I made this dish that he really liked it, so I think that’s saying something. Also, there’s bacon in it.

I just fried up a few slices of bacon, then quickly cooked the shrimp in its grease (always use your bacon grease, friends) with garlic. Then removed the shrimp, sauteed a ton of veggies (zucchini, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms) with a white rice/cauliflower rice combo, then mixed it all together.



Grilled chicken with cheese and avocado, and Trader Joe’s kale and broccoli slaw kit.

A very simple meal of grilled chicken, on which I melted a slice of grassfed cheddar and topped with avocado. This kale and broccoli slaw kit is one of our favorite prepared salads at TJ’s – if you like broccoli salad, I think you’ll like this slaw.



My birthday! Donnie took me out to a restaurant in our neighborhood that we’ve been meaning to try, Urban Grub. The weather was miraculously mild (not the 90°+ and humid that we’ve been having all month) so we sat on their gorgeous patio and it was perfect.

I had an elderflower/strawberry mocktail, and we split the lobster flatbread. I decided to go whole hog on the lobster and had the lobster cannelloni for my entree. They also gave us a basket of popovers and the best mini biscuits (have I mentioned that I love the South?) and our server gave me a biscuit with a candle so I’d have something to blow out for my birthday. Followed by chocolate cake at home, consumed after we had changed into PJ’s. Perfect birthday for a pregnant lady who has lost the ability to stay up past 9:30pm.



Grilled chicken fajita quinoa bowls

I used leftover grilled chicken for this, which I added to a bowl with fajita veggies (peppers, onions, and zucchini sauteed with chili powder, paprika, cumin, garlic powder, s+p), my favorite queso, tomatillo salsa, sour cream, and avocado, on top of quinoa. The quinoa is under there somewhere, I promise.



Homemade cheese pizza

The usual. You know the drill.


We ordered burgers from a great grass-fed beef burger joint in town, Farm Burger

Apparently I couldn’t control my hunger by the time our food arrived so I have no photo evidence of this meal, but I ate a cheeseburger with jalapenos and a side of fries. It was real good, I can tell you that much.


Shawarma chicken pitas with cauliflower tabbouleh and cucumber salad

This was an awesome shortcut meal. The chicken was pre-marinated from Trader Joe’s (it’s a new item, so I highly recommend you go out and buy some so they continue stocking it!), and the cauliflower tabbouleh is in their prepared salads section. I made a simple tzatziki with Greek yogurt, cucumber and spices and a quick cucumber salad with peppers seasoned with oil/vinegar.

This took no time, very little prep, and was SO good.


And that’s a wrap on last week!

Anything good on your plate lately?

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