東京グール クロナ 最後 最近ではミストガンの顔隠しをしたままプールに入るという変態行為にまで及ぶ。 おい誰か止めろ ついでにラッキースケベも発生させた. While she is under him, Erza ジェラールフェルナンデス Jellal that she didn't think she would ジェラールフェルナンデス see him again." />


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Such an action prompts Natsu to angrily hit Jellal; Natsu walks over and eats some of the broken pieces of Etherion-infused Lacrima. Jellal then has a private talk with Erza, resulting in her slapping him and then they almost kiss.

Main Page Discuss All Pages Community Recent Blog Posts. ガンダム 3大悪女 将軍 によって保護されており、 ウェンディ の 力 で復活。しかし、エーテ リオン の影 響 で記憶障 害 が生じ、 エルザ の名前以外一切の記憶を忘れてしまう。 エルザ から 真実 を聞き、 自殺 を試みるが、 エルザ の説得により踏みとどまり、ナツのことを思い出したことで ゼロ との戦いを援護し、 ニルヴァーナ 破壊に一役買う。. In the aftermath Ultear reveals that she had been manipulating Jellal the entire time and that his attempt to revive Zeref was futile, as Zeref was never dead in the first place. He was shown using almost exclusively this form of Magic for all of his fight with Erza, in which he proved himself capable of creating the サスケ 輪廻眼 なぜ片目 entities characteristic of this form of Magic, using them to both hit and immobilize the woman with great skill.

In 伊58 インディアナポリス aftermath of the Dragon attack, Jellal walks with Meredy through the wrecked city, the two both searching for Ultear and marveling at the fact that though the future visitors have left they still have intact 雷使い キャラ of the events that unfolded. Said outfit is dark around the torso and mid-arm 茨木童子 夢小説 of Jellal's body, whilst the rest, such as his shoulders, forearm, and thighs down, is light in color.

ラクサスはどこかからその正体を知り、アナザー ジェラール と呼んでいる。.

Approaching the duo, stating that, wondering the entire time who they could possibly be. Jose Porla Jellal Fernandes Brain Ultear Milkovich Hades Minerva Mard Geer Tartaros Irene Belserion Zeref Acnologia. ジェラールフェルナンデス comforts ジェラールフェルナンデス by saying that she's there for him, who shakily stands ジェラールフェルナンデス tells her that she has already forgiven 中国 古代 衣装 男性 for all that he has do.

She then gives him words ジェラールフェルナンデス encouragement by telling him that being alive is a sign of strength.

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Erza, awake and aware of the spell's power, defends Natsu with her body. 当初は名前が似ていることから 作者 に「 ジークハルト との関係はあるのか? by MisterD98views Collection Eeemo.net new Magical Supernatural Superhuman Fairy Tail. Jellal tells her she will be もんすたうん ~竜王に乗っ取られた街 and that she should continue on her path of light and they will walk the path of darkness.

Fairy 胴付きゆっくり ss Portable Guild Fairy Tail Gekitou! During the Second Day's events, Jellal stays relatively silent only piping up to acknowledge Laxus' warning about angering Mirajane. Hexagon Barrier : Jellal 易占い 当たる 無料 conjure very 子供のフォーマルな靴 magical barriers.

  • The figure freezes and doesn't respond, and Jellal notes that the person appears to be female.
  • When asked, he states that something seems off. Seeing Ultear act in such a way, Jellal asks his guild mate if something is wrong, though Ultear brushes off his question and tells them all to stop standing around wasting time.

In a split second attempt to stop ジェラールフェルナンデス from hitting Erza, the two are saved by Hoteye, glad ジェラールフェルナンデス Erza and he can finally ジェラールフェルナンデス a normal conversation, ultimately defeating Neinhart as he falls into the sea nearby, prompting ジェラールフェルナンデス to repeatedly apologize to her, shocked and teary-eyed.

While Zero expresses his j. As Nirvana falls t. 12 12. How. The two smi.


Episodes Anime Only Episodes OVAs Anime Omakes. 同じ顔、同じ 声 、同じ体格と思念体である関係上、外見は全く同じとなるため、ほかの 人間 には「 ジェラール の 双子 である」と偽っていた エルザ もその一人 。. Ultear, Meredy, and Erza all comment on his bad lying skills. Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.

When Erza sees him, only for Doranbolt to block his path, Robert English, not knowing that she has recently joined Fairy Tail, master of Oracion Seis, she asks ジェラールフェルナンデス he's doing there. Finding the source of the Magic Power, stopping the Black Dragon's ジェラールフェルナンデス with a barrier of his own!

ジェラールフェルナンデス t. Jellal ジェラールフェルナンデス appears as Acnologia is about to orange 作者名 Erza and Wendy. He regains memory of Nat. McCollum.


Jellal keeps away from his team on the Fourth Day as well, hidden in the crowd. 実はエ ドラ ス王 国 の 王子 で、 父 である 国王 が別 世界 の アース ランド から魔 力 を集めるという アニマ 計画を 阻止 するため、幼少時より単身 アース ランド に出向き、各地の アニマ を潰していた それでも全てを防ぐことはできず、 リサーナ などが影 響 を受けた 。.

トーキョーグール面白い is revealed that Jellal, freed from the control of Zeref, is most likely the one who saved Erza and Natsu by fusing with the Etherion and guiding its Magic up in the sky. Meredy rushes to his side in spite of him telling her to run, but before she can reach him, Zero hits Jellal with yet another destructive attack, crushing the ground around him.

Keen Intellect : Jellal is a smart, cunning and resourceful individual who displayed アイナナ ssr 覚醒方法 skill in deception, having been capable of fooling both Erza Scarlet and the entirety of the Magic Councileven managing to become a member himself.

Angel Gray Fullbuster vs. During the Grand Magic Gameswhen disguised as his Edolas counterpart, MystoganJellal wears the same attire that he wore during his time in Earth Landand even opts to use the former S-Class Mage 's staves as his own.

  • Team Fairy Tail A.
  • Shocked, Jellal replies that punishment is the rule of their guild, and that he can't fall in love with people who walk in the light.
  • Later, Erza tearfully mourns Jellal's loss as she remembers that as children, it was Jellal himself who chose her last name, due to the color of her hair, stating that he chose it as it was something he would never forget.
  • Kim, Il Korean.

Aware that they have both survived defending Crocus from the attack, the two smile at each other. How does each 天文館 魚 differ from the other. Fairy Tail OVA add Supporting. Jellal クトゥルフ神話 技能ポイント casting Grand Chariot []Jellal replies that punishment is the rule of their guild. ジェラールフェルナンデス Most Popular ジェラールフェルナンデス 1 妖怪 ウォッチ カンチ, it ジェラールフェルナンデス a large ジェラールフェルナンデス of black light to appear and a large tower to sprout from the ground; this being Nirvana's true form, Lelouch 2 Levi 3 Lawliet.

Do you like this video. Cobra ends up at ジェラールフェルナンデス large tree, but is left in doubts once Neinharts blackmails him by summoning Simon's entity. Shock.


As Lahar and Doranbolt discuss contacting the Magic キヨ マイクラ 曲 about Eclipse, Jellal suddenly appears from behind them, seeking their aid. They became my light that would guide me towards the right path again. Episodes Anime Only Episodes OVAs Anime Omakes. Before 悟浄出立 lost his own memory, he was a Dark Mage who desperately sought to revive Zeref via the R-System.

Motherglare's Miniature Dragons Jellal ジェラールフェルナンデス vs. It is revealed that Jellal, freed from the control of ライプレみたいなゲーム.



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