Bye, Bye, Pukey

Just for writing that post title I will now suffer through the theme song from Bye, Bye, Birdie playing on loop in my head for the next 3 hours.


Shoot, Ann-Margret.  Shoot.

The good news is I feel like a real live girl again!  The queasies seem to have completely subsided and I even had enough strength to do Insanity this morning.

Sidebar:  I’m loving Insanity.  I’m only 1/2 way through month 1 (since the plague set me back about a week), but so far steady as she goes.

Since the last thing I ate before I got sick last week was a big salad, I’ve been shying away from veggies for the past few days.  They’ve reminded me too much of the carnage.

But tonight, I say “enough’s enough”, I’m eatin’ some vegetables.  Enter this:

My fridge was in a sad state after not going to the grocery store for quite a while, so this had to do.  A big plate of brussels, carrots and chickpeas?  I could do worse.

On another note, I would like to give a shout out to my pal Sara (aka Schmoopy, aka Pumpkin, aka I-never-actually-call-her-anything-except-Sara-unless-it’s-in-a-text) who I had brunch with not long ago.

We know how to brunch.  Clearly.

Since I’ve recently started focusing on the fact that sweets in the am = uncontrollably ravenous Megan later, I went with this:

I didn’t miss the Cinnamon Roll French Toast one bit.  Ok, maybe a little.  But I will say, I felt great after we left the restaurant.  Maybe I’m learning.

Back to my dinner…I’m so happy I can eat again!

Hot Bloggers in the City

We all know that I’m a big food nerd.

Ok, I’m also a nerd in general, but that’s neither here nor there.

If you’ll remember, back in August during the Healthy Living Summit a few of us Chicago healthy living bloggers decided to organize a blogger meet up.

Well, we finally did it!  It was so great to meet up with other food nerds.  I could sense the confused fear in the waiter’s eyes when we all whipped out our cameras before the last plates had even hit the table.  And then we made him take a group picture of us.

Poor guy.  He was a good sport though.  Front row:  Kate, Katie, Heba; Back row: Tracey, Kelly, me and Amy.

I don’t consider myself to be an indecisive person in general (boyfriend may beg to differ, which you will please disregard) but I tend to freeze when faced with a good brunch menu.

The menu at Yolk isn’t good.  It’s awesome and enormous.

Amy and I couldn’t decide between sweet or savory, but we knew we wanted bacon.  Some things aren’t negotiable.

Santa Fe Skillet. Spicy, eggy, cheesy and bacony. Yessir.

Cinnamon roll french toast.  Amy doesn’t like fruit.  I don’t get it, but if that means our sweet option had to involve sugary glaze rather than strawberries and bananas I think I’ll survive.  It was everything I wanted it to be: sticky and satisfying.

Happy brunch after-glow faces.  Or is that just a slight coating of sticky bun glaze?   I also may or may not be falling out of my chair.  Pay no mind.

After brunch, Amy and I decided to venture out to walk off our food coma.  We hit up some stores on Michigan Ave (how touristy for us Chicagoland dwellers!) but the evening eventually circled back to this.

Irish nachos at Jefferson Tap.  This is one of my favorite neighborhood bars that’s not actually in my ‘hood so I had to initiate Amy.  There really wasn’t an option.  And besides, 5 hours after brunch I usually need some waffle fries with all the nacho fixin’s or else I have fainting spells.

Those nachos owned us.

Nice little Saturday.

Tell me:  when you’re out for brunch do you get sweet or savory?  Do you have as much trouble as I do?