Traffic Kills Me

And not just because sitting in a never ending line of cars is mind-numbingly boring.

But because it means that by the time I finish work, pack up my stuff, get in my car and actually make it home, I’m forced to resort to the world’s fastest dinner before quickly blogging and running out the door for flag football playoffs.

This also makes me sound like an intensely boring person who spends most of her time sitting in the drivers seat of her car not doing much actual driving at all.

I assure you this is not true.

Ok, it’s kind of true, but I’m not really that boring.  In fact, while I’m sitting condemned to the seat behind the wheel for hours on end, I’m also usually loudly belting out show tunes or making faces at myself in the rear view mirror.

Weird and perhaps slightly off-putting?  Definitely.  Boring?  Arguably not.

So I apologize for my crazy schedule and lack of riveting blog posts of late, my friends.

The Thanksgiving recaps (yes, that’s plural intentionally) will make up for it.

Because I freaking love Thanksgiving.

Get your game helmet on.  (A game face just won’t cover it.)

Overscheduling Monster

The overscheduling monster strikes again.

I am notorious for over-booking myself.  If there’s an opportunity to make some extra cash, I’ll take that little side gig that requires me to leave my house before 7 am.

I basically have 3 careers going at any given time.  Masochistic?  Perhaps.  I was a theatre major, after all.

So when my company has a potluck, I’m usually not the one bringing the soda or the paper plates.

This time around, I signed up to bring homemade beer bread and spread.

Because clearly I don’t have a flag football game tonight and I have tons of time to be baking bread.  Oy.  At least this is a simple recipe.

You’ve seen me make this before for someone special’s birthday.  I decided to take it in less of an Italian-savory-meaty direction and more in a sweet-indulgent direction.

Insert:  nuts and honey.

Or nut ‘n honey.  That was a good cereal.

I used the basic beer bread recipe, found here (also used by Madeline) and used one of these:

Plus I added some extra brown sugar and a little honey and chopped Sesame Honey Almonds from Trader Joe’s.  I ended up having to use extra flour and baking powder with this combo (maybe another 1 1/2 cups?)

For the spread, I softened the cream cheese a little bit and then worked in the same elements as I did in the bread: honey, brown sugar and sesame almonds.

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you and you haven’t tried these yet, go buy some immediately.  And then hide them from yourself because you will want to eat the entire bag.

Just enough time to change and take the bread out of the oven before I have to head to football…phew!

Are you like me?  Do you like to have lots of things planned or do you keep things low-key?

Football Stomach

Well, flag football was just okay.

No, I’m totally kidding!  It was freakin’ awesome!  I believe we won to the tune of 4,531-7.  (Ok, maybe it was closer to 40-7…still impressive, yes?)  We Eagles know how to kick some a$$ and take some names! Eagles on the warpath, ooh, ahh!

Ok, it’s clearly football season and my competitive side is coming out.  I apologize for the next few months in advance.  I will calm down after the Superbowl.  (Unless my Bears make it to the Superbowl, in which case it’s going to take a while for my blood pressure to go back down)

Along with the beginning of football season is the beginning of my ravenous appetite.


(fyi, I’m staying at my parents’ house right now to babysit their cats while they’re out of town and I forgot my camera at home, hence the lack of actual pictures of tonight’s dinner.  I hope you can all get past my faux pas.)

I must not be very evolved because every year I have this very primitive urge to eat fatty, rich foods when the weather begins to shift to the autumnal temperatures.  It’s like my body is saying, “Have no shelter.  Snow coming.  Must make own shelter with layer of fat.”  And then I pound my chest with my fists.

Does this happen to anyone else?  Can we be cavemen together? (Sorry, Geico caveman.)


Even though it’s not technically fall yet, I a) played football last night, b) the NFL season has started and c) it’s been chilly when I’ve left the house to go on my morning runs for the past week or so.  So for my purposes, it’s time to start eating football season food.

Tonight, it was pasta.  And not any pasta- it was mac ‘n cheese.  I don’t believe in “lightening up” my mac ‘n cheese (because fat-free cheese really isn’t cheese in my book), but I definitely did make it healthier.

1.  I used Barilla PLUS, which has a relatively short ingredient list and lots of protein from legumes.

2. I used all real ingredients- real butter, real cheese, etc.

3. I added about a cup of veggies (broccoli, frozen peas, corn and sundried tomatoes)

4. I didn’t go overboard with the cheese.  If you make a roux (by melting butter and whisking it together with some flour in a pan) with chicken broth instead of cream and add a small-ish handful of cheese to it, it’s really not that heavy.

So, I feel good about my dinner and my football stomach is very satisfied.  It’s doing better than my football legs, anyway- I’m really sore from the game!  Whaaa???

What foods do you crave when summer is winding down and fall is gearing up?  If you live in a warmer climate year-round, do you notice any shift in your appetite?