One Ingredient, Three Ways

I’m a woman, ergo I enjoy multi-tasking.

I put on makeup while I talk on the phone.

I get my news, via the radio, while I commute.

I blog while I…read other blogs.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that women are born multi-taskers.  [disclaimer: you should know that what I consider “scientific fact” is often rooted in cold hard evidence such as “I heard it on the radio a couple weeks ago”.]

As one of said born multi-taskers, I expect a lot from my food.

Rarely do I buy a grocery item with only one purpose in mind.  Take this black bean dip, for example:

This baby can multi-task.  Clearly it’s a female dip.  Ew, that sounds kind of pervy.  Forget I said that.

I’ve eaten a bunch of it with chips and veggies.  It’s got a lot of kick (they weren’t kidding with the spicy part), so naturally I’m addicted to it.

It’s also great as an accompaniment to a main course like this sausage/onion/potato/cilantro stirfry that I recently wrote about.  I threw a blob of it on my plate and stirred it in.

Sometimes I love making sauces.  Sometimes, not so much.  This is a great alternative when I’m feeling especially lazy.

The dip would also be great incorporated into a dish that already calls for black beans.  For example, I’m currently toying around with a great black bean quesadilla I have stashed away in my recipe bank.  A little bit of this dip would add a ton of flavor to the whole quesadilla.  Or enchilada.

It could also be awesome melted into soup.  I mean, who doesn’t love a dollop of sour cream or crème fraiche on their butternut squash soup?  Black bean dip would be equally amazing in vegetable soup.

At about $3 a jar, I’d say this was a good investment.

Yes I consider something as little as $3 an investment.

Don’t judge.  I’m very frugal.

I’m thinking of doing a series of posts like this. — are there any grocery store items that you’d like to see me stretch into different uses?  Suggestions welcome!