I’d Rather Be Eating Lobster

…but right now, dinner is this:

Big plate of roasted veggies.

And some leftover refried beans with some cheese melted on top.

The prep time was all of 5 minutes for this dinner, which is exactly what I needed after a long day and though it’s an admittedly random combination of food, it’s exactly what I wanted.

Well, besides lobster.  But I always want lobster so that doesn’t count.

I’ve  been working on the whole “intuitive eating” thing.  It’s working pretty well, as a matter of fact.  Sure sometimes that means that I eat a whole plate of homemade baked potato chips, but I find that if I focus on eating what I really want and then supplementing any food groups that I might be missing by adding, say, a side salad or some beans, I feel good and satisfied.

Good and satisfying.

Quick post tonight- many, many miles to go before I sleep!

What foods have you been craving lately?