“Yeah, Guys Don’t Do That”

Tonight was a fun night.

Especially for a Tuesday.

Last week, I received an email promotion from a sushi restaurant that I’ve been to once before with a great new weekly special:


A $2 menu?  Was this menu made specifically with me in mind??

Considering that I view a restaurant like Ai to be a treat, as its menu items fall above my crazy ass budgeting requirements on a normal day, I will take your $2 TWOsdays and raise you a ladies’ night.

Brief side note:

The following is a conversation that took place this afternoon while I was at my parents’ house dropping off my large and in charge (albeit disassembled) Christmas tree:

Mom:  Have fun tonight!

Me:  Thanks.

Dad:  What’s tonight?

Me:  I’m going to dinner at a sushi restaurant.

Dad:  Oh!  Is it going to be like that group of girls we saw at Uncle Julio’s last week or are you inviting any guys?  (For the record, he’s referring to a group of approximately 15 girls that were seated at a long table next to us when we went out to dinner last weekend.  What’s that?  You could have guessed that’s what he meant?)

Me:  No, just girls.

Dad:  Oh.  Yeah, guys don’t do that.


Well, Dad, the girls have one up on the guys.  Because this meal was great, and it cost each of us less than $20.

Naturally, I was hungry when the food hit the table and I forgot to take any pictures of it.  But we ordered one of each of everything on the $2 plus a soft shell crab roll.  It was all great, and I’ll definitely be going back.

For the record, this is the best way to roll at a sushi restaurant:  order less than you think you want (maybe 1 roll per person).  By the time you’ve started digesting the rice (which actually makes you feel full fast), you might find that you don’t actually want any more food, saving you some dolla dolla bills.

And this is coming from a girl that worked for 3 years in a sushi restaurant and ruthlessly sold her tables as many rolls as she could.  What?  A girl’s gotta make a living!

Tuesday night = ladies’ night?  Yeah, I can (sushi) roll with that.