Another blog, another PBR

Things no one ever tells you, lesson #1:

It’s easy to get carried away with your own originality until you start doing your research.  A lot of original ideas have already been taken.

Case in point:  this blog had a lottt of potential incarnations before I finally  settled on Braise The Roof.  There was: “How do you Like Them Apples?”, “People Food”, “Human Food” (along with about 10 other variations on that theme) and “Best Food Forward”.  Imagine my shock when ALL of those domain names were taken!  I know what you’re thinking: “Really, Megan?  You didn’t realize that there tons of people out there scooping up domain names to have the intellectual property over without having any real intent to express their creativity?”  Call it denial if you will.

Luckily for me, I am very happy with the title that you see.  The reasons for my happiness are twofold:

1.  It made me laugh out loud when I thought of it.

2.  I think it represents what I want to do with the blog pretty accurately.  I’m hoping to show all of you readers (ok, “all of you readers” might mean my mom for now) how fun it can be to eat healthfully while still being creative in the kitchen and having fun!

Take that, interweb.

Anyway, onto some of this weekend’s eats and activities.

After working for an hour or two Saturday morning (yes, I volunteered to work on a Saturday morning.  Saintly, I know) I headed into the city with my coworker, Sara, to watch the USA v. Ghana game.

It was a quiet, little gathering, really.  We had hoped to grab some food at the bar as we were running on fumes at that point, but as you may imagine that wasn’t exactly an option.  I was hanging off a balcony for the entirety of the game and holding my glass of Carlsberg was about all I could muster.

It was a tragic loss for the US (we were robbed, robbed, I tell you!) and the only thing that could heal our hearts was…

WINGS!  Blurry wings, albeit, but awesome wings nonetheless.  We picked them up at a little dive in my old ‘hood called Bird’s Nest and they were glorious.  That would be 10 teriyaki and 10 buffalo.  Bird’s Nest arguably has the best hot sauce in Chicago, or so they say.  We ate those along with one of these:

Because $2 cans are classy and so am I.

Needless to say, I’ve readjusted my eating habits today.  This morning I started out with a piece of Ezekial bread toast and some watermelon (which I inhaled too quickly after my workout to snap a photo of).  For lunch, I rolled with veggies and spicy hummus (the best flavor)

Trader Joe’s baked beans and leftover protein pasta with sundried tomatoes and spinach (none of which was cooperating with my camera) and these cherries:

Muuuch better.  Dinner is undecided as of yet, but I’m sure it’ll be light and may require the grill since it’s too hot in this house to turn the oven on!

Hope your weekends are wrapping up nicely.  Later skaters!